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Hemp Coffee The original Colorado Hemp Coffee. Made with Colorado grown hemp seed. .. Product #: 001011420 based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $15.00 $15.00 100

Colorado Hemp Coffee - The Orgional

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The original Colorado Hemp Coffee. Made with Colorado grown hemp seed.


Colorado Hemp Coffee was developed in 2011 by a small local business, located in Lafayette, CO. A Colorado native business owner found a unique way to use hemp seed in a way no one else in Colorado was doing.

In Colorado, we love cannabis and in 2013 we legalized Industrial Hemp. Colorado Hemp Coffee will be soon growing and harvesting our own Colorado hemp seeds. There are so many benefits of using and growing hemp; so please check back on updates of our progress of these historic times.

Wholesale pricing is available upon request. Additional we can offer different grinds, special mixes, infusions and private label options.

UPDATE: 8.14.2014 - Colorado Hemp Coffee is introducing a new line of Colorado Made CBD Hemp products, comparable to Charlottes Web Medical Hemp CBD and RSHO CBD Oil. We grow hemp in Colorado all year around and have exclusive CBD dominate hemp seeds (.3% thc or less, in raw dry form). We now offer samples of most of our Hemp CBD dominate products for you to try and see what best works for you. See more here....

You can also check out more about growing hemp in Colorado, hemp events, hemp news, hemp business and much more at

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