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Wholesomely, marijuana as a business industry has been becoming more profound over the years. More and more people are venturing into the entrepreneurial side of dealing with cannabis. Due to the same, sites such as CHC exist to explore marijuana at length. From available strains to how you can set up a dispensary, users will find a lot of information on such websites. 

Is weed a viable investment opportunity? Looking at current and past market trends reveals that the plant is establishing itself within the business world. The demand for the drug has created a niche that leaves it open to different enterprises. 


Marijuana and Entrepreneurship

The novelty of cannabis at the moment is that it is all hype. Legalizing the drug for recreational and medicinal purposes has boosted the demand for the plant. Reports show significantly more users today than a few years ago. Through the decades, attitudes towards marijuana have been changing. This and other factors have been why weed use is increasing. 

What this means for entrepreneurs is that there is a wide array of job opportunities and openings. From growth to production, there are several processes involved. There is the actual growth in the fields or labs; then there is the processing part where the flower gets turned into other products. 

All these intricate parts contribute to the entire market. This means that there are different openings where entrepreneurs could invest. Whether setting up a dispensary or running a growth lab, these opportunities need to be filled. Entrepreneurs perceive these openings as investment options. 

What does the Future of Cannabis Business Look Like?

The cannabis industry is currently well established. States’ legalization kickstarted the growth of the business side of the drug. In the past, when use was prohibited, the only source of weed was from street vendors. Now with more than 28 states legalization allowing marijuana use, the option of dispensaries is possible. People can buy cannabis and other products through online stores or in-store establishments. 

What does the future hold for the marijuana businesses? Statistically, weed sales are expected to hit 33.6 billion by 2025. This is a remarkable growth from the 2020 estimation of 13.4 billion. With such revenue floating around the business, entrepreneurs only stand to reap more from the same. 

In matters of the future, further legalization or not plays a crucial role in what it holds. If cannabis use is legalized nationally, this would mean federal and state funding. As it is, weed enterprises can only get funding from state institutions. The fact that the nation prohibits the drug withholds financial support for those dealing with the same. 

Nationwide legalization would mean the government gets behind medical trials that incorporate the drug. Weed advocacy at such comprehensive levels would mean a global change in attitudes and an increase in demand. In the end, the future of marijuana businesses seems bright, and with proper legalization, it can only get better. 

Top Companies to Invest in For 2024

Having shared the increased opportunities available to investors, it is only fair to list a few top-performing organizations. Each of these institutions covers a different part of the industry. While some focus on the production process, others cater to retail alternatives. Here are the top companies that could be investment options for you;

Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs is a well-established marijuana business. It deals with all the parts of the process, from growth to distribution. Owing to their diversified portfolio, they have enlisted the help of some of the renowned brands in the market.

 According to recent publications, Cresco Labs is in line to acquire Columbia Care. This opens up investment opportunities and improves the business’s profitability. Countrywide they operate in 10 states with 70 dispensaries and production plants. 

TerrAscend Corp

In reviewing the top investment options, this one makes a list. On August 24th, the company publicized its acquisition of a dispensary-running business. Though the acquisition was costly, the organization now has six additional dispensaries with up-to-date licenses. This means that they have wider margins for profits and hence can be a considerable investment option. 

Cronos Group Inc

This enterprise is based in Canada. It has several renowned brands under its wing. These are the likes of Spinach and Happy Dance. Over the years, the company has reported positive interest margins in Q2 2022. Due to its affiliation with Israel, they have realized triple its profits. 

Verano Holdings

On August 9th this year, this organization announced opening its 11th dispensary. From a national perspective, Verano Holdings Corp has established entities all over. It owns over 100 growth facilities and, as mentioned, 111 dispensaries. As an investment opportunity, they do showcase tremendous growth. 

Verano Holdings is among the best-performing marijuana stocks in the market. They are well known for their production of medicinal and recreational cannabis products. Their portfolios are extensive, and their operation is backed by appropriate licensing. 


Many people have marveled at what the cannabis business industry has achieved over the years. More and more dispensaries are cropping up both online and in actual stores. The fact that the same translates into positive profit sales means that the marijuana niche exists. The legalization of weed has set off the creation of multiple jobs and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Considering the remarkable changes, it can only be expected that national legalization would bring about more opportunities. Regardless of the same, as it is, the market trends are ideal for cannabis investments.


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