Gelonade Cannabis.

The Gelonade Cannabis Strain – A Fruity and Relaxing Hybrid

The gelonade marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its ability to provide a euphoric and deeply relaxing high. This strain has become popular among consumers looking for a flavorful strain that can relieve stress and help them unwind at the end of the day. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a close look at the gelonade strain including its origins, genetics, aroma, flavors, effects, ideal growing conditions, and medical benefits.

Gelonade Cannabis.

Origins and Genetics of Gelonade Cannabis

Gelonade weed gets its name from its parent strains – Gelato and Lemonade. It is a cross between Gelato #41 and a Lemonade hybrid. By breeding these two strains together, growers were able to create a balanced hybrid that inherited the best traits from both sides.

Gelato #41

Gelato is a line of hybrid strains that originated in the Bay Area of California. It was created by breeders Sherbinski and is derived from hybrids of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. There are several different phenotype numbers of Gelato, with #41 being a standout. Gelato #41 has a THC content that ranges from 20-25% and delivers powerful euphoric effects alongside a delicious flavor profile.


The Lemonade strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. It has a THC content around 20% and is loved for its tart, terpene-rich buds that smell just like fresh lemons. Lemonade provides an energetic, mood-boosting high perfect for daytime use.

By breeding together these two complementary strains, growers were able to create an offspring strain that blended the best attributes from both parents into one.

Gelonade Strain Overview

Gelonade weed has a THC content that ranges from 20-25%, making it a relatively potent strain. It has an indoor flowering time of 8-10 weeks and produces moderate yields when cultivated properly. The buds have a striking appearance, being lime green and vividly colored with orange pistils and a thick coating of milky-white trichomes.

One of the defining traits of gelonade is its insanely delicious flavor and aroma. Let’s take a closer look at the terpene profile and scent of this exceptional hybrid strain.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

The gelonade strain inherits a complex terpene profile from its Gelato and Lemonade parents. Together these create a unique scent and flavor that cannabis enthusiasts describe as:

  • Sweet and citrusy

  • Tangy and tropical

  • Hints of sour lemon-lime

  • Aroma of acai berries

  • Overtones of creamy vanilla


When properly cured, gelonade buds have a loud tropical aroma tinged with a slightly sour lemon kick. The flavor is remarkably smooth, blending sweet fruits and berries with a tangy lemon-lime candy aftertaste. It’s a complex and mouthwatering flavor experience from start to finish.

Gelonade Strain Effects

Gelonade Strain Effects

The high from gelonade starts with a uplifting head rush that boosts the mood and brings on a deep sense of euphoria. As the high builds, a relaxing body sensation starts to creep in, working its way through the limbs and leaving users completely calm and free of stress.

The combination of mental stimulation and physical relaxation make gelonade popular among consumers looking for quality time with friends where conversation flows freely and laughter comes easy. It allows you to remain engaged in social activities or passive entertainment like watching movies, listening to music, or playing video games.

In higher doses, gelonade’s indica side dominates and the experience becomes more sedative in nature. Couchlock, munchies, and eventual sleep will occur if you overindulge. For this reason, gelonade is best reserved for evening and nighttime use when you have no responsibilities or places to be.

The deeply relaxing high also makes gelonade a favorite among medical marijuana patients. Let’s take a look at some of the key medical benefits this strain has to offer.

Medical Benefits of Gelonade Weed

Gelonade is an effective medical strain because of its ability to combat stress, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and muscle spasms. The euphoric high helps to lift mood and provides temporary relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety and PTSD.

The indica-leaning effects allow gelonade to relieve physical discomfort associated with:

  • Arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Migraines

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Low appetite

By relaxing the body and mind, gelonade can help those suffering from insomnia get the deep, restful sleep they need. Its sedative properties also assist patients in combating opioid dependence by providing natural pain relief.

For these reasons, gelonade is a great choice for medical marijuana patients looking for daytime or evening symptom relief.

Growing Gelonade Cannabis Strain

The gelonade strain can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors. For the highest yields, a warm, Mediterranean climate is recommended. It requires the same cultivation techniques used for most hybrid strains.

Outdoor Cultivation

When grown outdoors, gelonade thrives in a sunny and warm environment. It has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and is generally ready for harvest in mid to late September. Each plant produces around 16 ounces of frosty buds when grown in ideal conditions. Growers should provide plants with stakes or a trellis to support branches heavy with buds.

Indoor Cultivation

Gelonade adapts well to indoor cultivation. When grown indoors, it reaches heights around 3.5 feet tall and produces moderate yields. Flowering time indoors is 8-9 weeks and plants produce approximately 14 ounces per square meter. Gelonade responds well to training methods like topping, pruning, and SCROG (screen of green).

No matter how its grown, gelonade produces dense, resin-coated buds that have amazing bag appeal. The biggest challenge indoor growers may face is controlling the smell, as gelonade has a loud terpene profile. Using carbon air filters and exhaust systems is recommended to keep the aroma under control.

Growing Tips

  • Gelonade thrives in a warm environment around 70-80°F

  • It prefers medium to high levels of humidity around 40-50% RH

  • Use SCROG or topping/pruning to maximize yield

  • Watch for mold and bud rot during the flowering stage

  • Flush plants properly for 2 weeks before harvest

  • Proper curing and storage preserves terpenes and flavors

By following these tips, you can end up with a bountiful harvest of colorful, terpene-rich gelonade buds.


Finding Gelonade Seeds and Clones

Gelonade seeds and clones can be purchased from a few specialty seed banks and cannabis nurseries. Reputable sources for gelonade genetics include:

  • SeedJunky Genetics

  • Pacific Seed Bank

  • Supaseeds

  • Loud Seeds

  • Exotic Genetix

Availability is somewhat limited due to exclusivity agreements with some breeders. But with its growing popularity, gelonade seeds and clones should become more widely accessible in the future.

Similar Strains

Here are a few other strains that have a similar genetic lineage, terpene profile, and effects as gelonade:

  • Zkittlez

  • Sherblato

  • Jealousy

  • Rainbow Sherbet

  • Purple Punch

  • Wedding Cake

If you enjoy fruity, flavorful strains that provide a relaxing high, these other hybrids are certainly worth a try.

Final Thoughts on Gelonade Strain


Gelonade is a one-of-a-kind hybrid that delivers bold tropical flavors alongside dreamy euphoric effects. Its ability to offer both mental stimulation and physical relaxation make it suitable for a wide range of cannabis consumers. Novices should stick to lower doses to avoid couchlock while veterans can indulge freely. Growers will love cultivating these resinous, purple-hued buds indoors or out. With its outstanding flavor and enjoyable well-rounded high, gelonade is sure to remain a staple strain for years to come.

Buy Seeds Gelonade Strain

  • THC 18.67 - 22%
  • CBD 0.62 - 0.91%
  • Effect - Tingly

The Gelonade Cannabis Strain FAQ

The Gelonade Cannabis Strain, also known as Gelonade or Gelonade Strain, is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It is a cross between Lemon Tree and Gelato strains, resulting in a unique and flavorful cannabis variety.

Gelonade Strain features mostly sweet flavors with hints of vanilla. It has green buds covered in crystal trichomes and brown pistils, giving it a visually appealing appearance.

Gelonade Strain is known for its high THC content, making it potent and suitable for experienced cannabis users. The exact THC level can vary, but Gelonade typically has a high concentration of THC.

Gelonade Strain provides uplifting effects, making it an ideal choice for those looking to energize and arouse their senses. It offers a head high with euphoric sensations and a tingling feeling.

Gelonade Strain has a distinct terpene profile, resulting in an aroma similar to lemon tree and citrus fruits. Its fragrance is often described as earthy and fruity, providing an enjoyable sensory experience.

Gelonade Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. While it does contain some indica genetics, its effects and characteristics are more prominently influenced by sativa traits.

Gelonade Strain has a flowering time of approximately [insert flowering time here]. This information can vary depending on the specific growing conditions and cultivation techniques.

Gelonade Strain was created by crossing Lemon Tree and Gelato strains. It is a hybrid marijuana strain made by combining the genetics of these two popular cannabis varieties.

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